Me, the President

July 5, 2016


The chaos of the last elections in the country due to the vast majority of the white vote alarms Europe. Through a psychological study, it is shown that the most gifted to lead the nation person is one who has more friends on Facebook. And this happens to be our protagonist, Ana.Anna’s life turns around 360 degrees.

About the author

Arantxa Echevarria

Her first short film was “PANCHITO” a social comedy that received among others theTelemadrid award. Then she directed the short film “DON ENRIQUE DE GUZMAN” a historical short film. Her third short film was “SUDDENLY ONE NIGHT” that was among others awards and selections nominated for Best Short Film at the Goya awards (Spanish Oscars). It has been selected in more than 120 festivals .ME ,THE PRESIDENT received the award for best project of Medina del Campo and Canal +.Her last work was the script of the feature film “LA TAMA” with Martin Costa.

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