July 9, 2016


Businessman lives a systematic life in a society of masked people. One day, while cruising a mysterious person, these routine changes in an unexpected way, of incessant search for his identity.

About the author

Andréa Prado

Andrea Prado, graduated in dentistry at UFF (2001), has a postgraduate degree in pediatric dentistry also at UFF (2003) and BA in Cinema at University Estácio de Sá (2006). She started working in the cinema industries as an editor, producer and assistant director in several short films: “Meditation Carnival”, “Happy Birthday,” “Moments,” “Bandits” and “Augusto at the Beach.” Also worked as a producer in several tv commercials. She started working as a screenwriter after spending two years at Estação screenwriters group studies, where she wrote her first feature script, which was a finalist in the public context of the Brazil’s ministry of culture in 2013. Wrote and directed two short films “A brief conversation” (2009) and “Masked”(2014) and “New Moon (2015); at the moment she’s working in a feature film project still under production.

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