Mama Jaky

July 3, 2015


Mama Jaky is a 22 years old African woman. She is waiting for a baby. Suddenly a terrible news: his son won’t be born. The story follows Mama Jaky during his daily life and during her efforts to deliver. Suddenly an unexpected help from an artist…

About the author

Paolo Bernardi

Born in Italy in 1985. He graduated in the Performing Arts at the University of Udine, presenting a work on domestic cinema during the Spanish Civil War. He has engaged in various studies abroad: at FAMU (Film and TV School of the Academy of Performing Arts) in Prague, obtained his Masters in Cinematographic and Audiovisual Studies at the Sorbonne III in Paris in 2011. In 2010 he had graduated from the Centre for Experimental Cinematography in Milan, where he specialized in publicity and documentary cinematography. This dual specialisation allowed him to develop a personal language similar to docu-fiction, with a powerful narrative presence, also in the documentary field. There are various published documentaries amongst his body of work, including ‘Federigo Borromeo and the Ambrosian Library’ set in 1600, winner of the Rotary Club of Milan’s 2012 Gavioli prize for young directors and the documentary ‘Scientists and Donkeys’ which describes a journey in a protected area of Italy, at the foot of the Alps (Selected by Lessinia Film Festival). Two of his documentaries have also been screened on Italian national television channel ‘RETE 4’ in the context of the ARTEZIP television format, Art Documentary. He is now collaborating with the american platform StoryHunter, which commissioned him two reportages, one about Xavi Torres, the spanish para-olympic swimmer and one about minor trafficking in football. His last documentary, “Mama Jaky” shot last year in Tanzania was selected in more than ten festivals all over the world and won the Best Human Rights documentary prize in 2014 Opuzen Film Festival (Croatia) and the Best short film in 2014 Fiati Veneti Film Festival (Italy).

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