Living Together

July 4, 2019


Julien manages an school at a Paris suburb. After Bataclan attack, he receives many guidelines from the Ministry to face any possible menace, including making drills with children between 3 and 11 years old. He must choice between saving their lives or saving their innocence in an educative system that has “Le vivre ensemble” (Living together) as its main slogan.

About the author

José Luis Santos Pérez

Born in 1974. Since 2001 he developed his activity as film critic inside “Factoría de Sueños” (Dreams Factory) project on many Spanish media. In 2006 he filmed his first shortfilm, “We´ll talk tonight”. “Le vivre ensemble” is his sixth fiction shortfilm, after wining 22 prizes with his previous works, and more than 60 selections in 25 countries.

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