Like A Good Kid

July 3, 2019


Sara (a 24-year-old girl) is supposed to babysit Matin (a 6-year-old boy) for the day, while his mother is at work. In the morning Matin tells Sara a story of a fight with his mother from the night before, this leads to a series of events through the day which will change Matin and Sara for the rest of their lives.

About the author

Arian Vazirdaftari

Arian Vazirdaftari learned the basics of filmmaking at Karnameh Film School in Tehran-Iran. Now he is getting his master’s degree in cinema at Tehran University of Dramatic Arts. So far, he has made 5 short films. `Not yet` is his most recent film, which was well received and had its national premiere at 33rd Tehran Short Film Festival in November 2016. It won the “Grand Prix” of the festival for best fiction and the “Art & Experience” award. Recently it won the “Grand Prix”
for best fiction and the “NETPAC” Award at 34th Busan International Short Film Festival and also “Best Asian short film” Award at 35th Fajr International film festival. “Like A Good Kid” is his new short film, which was recently completed.

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