Leaving the Sea

July 4, 2017


A film about an aging couple who have lived off the sea that is now being gobbled up by a town’s hunger for land. This short documentary is set in Cordova, a small town in the central region of the Philippines that has long been under threat by reclamation plans. We follow the life of Tonio and Selma who have been fighting for their rights for more than 30 years.

About the author

Iya Cailao, Paula Ceracas, Lucien Beucher, Marie Isabelle, Rochon Duran

Iya Cailao, Paula Ceracas, Lucien Beucher et Marie Isabelle Rochon are four students who directed their first short documentary movie during the summer of 2016 in the Philippines. Iya Cailao grew up in Manilla and Paula Ceracas grew up in the Visayas region, where the movie was shot. Iya is now working in the communication field and Paula is now studying Law. Lucien Beucher and Marie Isabelle Rochon are two political science students from University of Montréal. Their both have a passion for movie. Lucien wants to pursue his carreer in movie editing and Marie Isabelle in photography and videography.

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