La Hoja

July 3, 2015


The leaf is essentially a small part of a whole, like human existence in the cosmos. Poetic images of places, music and evocative phrases encourage the viewer toward an inner journey that will lead him to find his own leaf.

About the author

Alex Barrera

Alex Barrera (Barcelona 15.01.1983). In 2005 he finished studies Audiovisual production in which he specialized as a cameraman. In 2008 he joined the CECC (center of movie studios Catalunya) specializing in Cinematography.
He has worked as a camera operator and cinematographer on multiple projects. In 2011 worked as director of photography on the short film Au Revoir selected and awarded in national and international festivals. In 2012 his work as director of photography on Au Revoir earns him a nomination for Best Cinematography at the International Film Festival of Huelva Cinefórum Islantilla. In 2014 he wrote and directed The Leaf his first short film as director.
He currently works as an editor at the Stone Circle documentary project directed by Patrick Pfister to be released in 2016.

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