July 10, 2018


It begins in a retrofuturistic urban jungle, in black and white, where humans turn in a loop in their everyday actions that dehumanize them slowly. It is then that a gap appears between two outstretched hands. A breach that takes us out of the gray and plunges us into the color of Nature that invades the city as if to resuscitate these inhabitants. The music video Justice is a suspended moment in this human machinery where expresses the desire, the foolish dream to see the whales come out of our screens.

About the author


MAKÉ (MARION CASTÉRA, FRANCE, 1988 & KELZANG RAVACH, BELGIUM, 1987). MaKé gather two directors, Ma-rion Castera & Ke-lzang Ravach, who are hooked by images whether fixed or moving, drawn, painted or glued, shot, torn or reprinted. They built their experience on various projects all over Europe, giving the duo their nomadic character. They love to MaKe images, mixing genres and cultures, ages and stories always seeking peace, humor and poetry in a rather dotty, as they are.

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