July 7, 2016


A young man talks about the sensations he feels every time he rides his bike, his greatest passion.

About the author

Filippo Cinotti

Filippo Cinotti (born 27 July 1993) is an italian filmmaker and screenwriter. He is founder and CEO of VMultimedia, society specialized in offering the best services regarding video, phography, visual effects, graphics and design. On 2014 the activity starts offering high quality services for weddings. On 2015 Filippo and his friend and writer Matteo Bombardi found Ad Astra, a short movie filmmaking crew.

Filippo’s filming style is based on his attention to detail, a habit of shooting scenes from many angles, a macabre sense of humour, and a general playfulness. He is a perfectionist, often demanding numerous takes of scene to give himself more options during editing.

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