July 9, 2016


A man’s small world is tainted by the arrival of his newly born son.

Channelling Lynch, Jarman and Von Trier, Grounded tells the story of a man whose small world is transformed by the arrival of his newborn baby. Trying to regain control of his situation, he retreats to his garden. Embracing a limited aesthetic and displaying the film’s artifice, Grounded takes its cues from the reflexive theatre of Brecht, and the pressure cooker setting of Beckett to create an unnerving tale of misplaced paternity.

About the author

Will Hooper, Jack Snelling

Will and Jack met in school in the small seaside town of Weston-super-Mare, where their inseparable friendship began. Inspired by the same music, films and art – they have always influenced each other’s practice and ideas. When they moved to London together to study (Will – Filmmaking. Jack – Animation), they began discussing the possibilities of creating a film between them that would act as their respective graduation projects. Thus became their debut short film “Grounded”.

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