July 7, 2016


Mr. S, who is a thin and tall fish, is fishing on his small floating hut in the lake. Finally when his lure is moving, he starts reeling and Mr. S finds out that there is another fish fishing against his hook on the other side. He tries to pull hard on his rod but Mr. B, who is a strong and vigorous fish, is not an easy opponent to win and they starts battling.

About the author

Sungah Im

Sungah Im is a CG artist and filmmaker. She loves to create a little world and characters with unique language to tell the story and develop ideas. She also enjoys traditional art such as painting and drawing. She is from Busan, Korea. After attending high school in Chicago, she moved to New York to study Computer Art at School of Visual Arts. She just graduated in Computer Art from School of Visual Arts and lives in New York.

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