First of November

July 10, 2018


Primeiro de Novembro (1st of November), All Saints’ Day 1755 was the date of one of the deadliest earthquake in the world, followed by a tsunami and a fire, that completely destroyed Lisbon. Seismology experts say a repeat of the 1755 Great Lisbon quake is overdue within this century.
Through a cyclical story-telling, the mythological city of Ophiusa has reborn, where the memories of the ancient earthquake and the omens of the future one are linked through a stream of consciousness, past and future melt together in one dimension: a timeless present.

The movie started from a psycho-geographic research of the city, exploring and documenting certain areas of Lisbon with the aim of creating a personal map of the emotions.
“Primeiro de Novembero” was filmed during the art residency Mnemonic City Lisbon, a project produced by the London based art collective MAGMA and the art centre Roundabout.LX of Lisbon.

About the author

Yuri Pirondi

Grow up in the rural hills of Apennines Mountains in Italy, Yuri is a filmmaker and a visual artist who lives and works between London and Italy, his works has been shown and performed in several different galleries such as Gulag State Museum (Moscow), Barbican centre and V&A Museum, in London. His work is a reflection on the relation between visual art and the cinematic experience. His lens based works explores notions of identity, forms, limits and society using the subconscious, surrealism and the counterfeit of being.

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