July 4, 2017


Time passes for all , and at every choice a renounce is made.

About the author

Mauricio Bartok, Gabriel Dorazio

As a teenager playing videogames in Brazil I was always impressed with the cinematics , I used to play boring games just to see theyr cool animations . Some years later attending Design college I started as a trainee in a small video company and discovered I could do something near to the video games I used to play. Later I was involved with character animation and moved to Canada to study character animation , I had already 1 short film made ( Ants )than in Vancouver I did Fun Factory and 2 years later back in Brasil I finished Perfeito, I had a job where I would get home at 14:00 so I was studying a lot and made the short film Luz,sombra e medo and started Finito. Now I live in New Zealand working for advertisement and films as a 3d artist and animator.

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