August 1, 2023


Alex doesn’t have much work to do at his father’s video store. But when the likewise film-loving Fátima enters the shop, his boredom is suddenly over.

About the author

Teo Planell, Alejandra Kikidis

Son of filmmakers and playwrights David Planell and Natalia Mateo, Teo Planell has been in the world of cinema since he was five years old when he launched into acting. As a director, Ficciones is his first professional and official work, but he has been writing and directing short films with his friends and family all his life. In the summer of 2020, he starred, wrote and directed with Alejandra Kikidis a horror film with very little means in the forests of Galicia. That film is still in post-production.

Alejandra Kikidis has made a couple of small commercials, and in the summer of 2020 she directed, wrote and starred in a feature film with Teo Planell, which is still in post-production. She is currently studying film and acting in the UK among other things.

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