Far East

August 5, 2021


A crabby old man loses his Ukraine caregiver. He feels alone and his desperation will push him to a long journey, seeking for affection.



About the author

Cristina Puccinelli

Cristina was born in Lucca, her mother is American and her father Italian. She starts ballet lessons and goes to the theatre since she was very little. She attends high school where she studies English, french and German, and graduated with a thesis on “Antigone” by Jean Anouihl. Then she immediately moves to Rome to follow her big passion, cinema. She becomes a doctor in Communication Sciences discussing a thesis regarding cinema and fashion at “La Sapienza” University. Meanwhile she studies acting at Duse International with Francesca De Sapio, and participates at many seminars in Italy and abroad with acting coach like Susan Main, Micheal Margotta, Juan Carlos Corazza, Bob Mc Andrew, Matteo Belli, Mamadou Dioume. She starts working right away in cinema, TV and theatre for Italian and international projects. Another interest that she has since she was very young is writing, and she prefers short stories and poems. In 2007 she writes, directs and interpreters her first short movie. Encouraged by good reviews and awards, continues to dedicates herself to directing with enthusiasm, and produces other shorts that were sold in Italy and in other countries. She also collaborated as a journalist for “Alias” and held a column on cinema for Loschermo.it. From 2013 she organizes the event “Effetto Cinema Notte”, she coordinates educational meetings regarding cinema and she is artistic director of the festival “Il Teatro dei Perché” inside the “Festival del Volontariato”. In 2018 she creates “Scrivere Cinema” – a free high formation course, supported by MiBAC and SIAE, within the initiative “Sillumina – Copia privata per i giovani, per la cultura”, organized by Lucca Film Festival e Europa Film Festival. In 2019 she becomes Artistic Director of Firenze Film Corti.

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