July 10, 2018


Marta and David are a couple politically committed and somewhat anti-capitalist. They try to do things right, like everyone else, being consistent with their values. In spite of it, the parents of Marta have given them a practical piece of furniture of a well-known Scandinavian brand that they must mount themselves. However the “Evströnger” assembly manual will order them to do something else … Will they follow the instructions to the letter? Or, on the contrary, will they escape from the diabolical capitalist loop that grips us all …?

About the author

Silvia Conesa

I was born in the 80’s. Thanks to my four older brothers I learned about music, movies and culture from that time. From “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” to “The Cure”, through “BladeRunner” or “Alien”. Summers spent in the family home with literally dozens of cousins and relatives and… there was a video camera! It was inevitable we started fool around with the camera and from there crazy productions came out as La gran Patatada (The big potatoish, short movie like the the Fly but with a man transformed in a potato), Bambo (kind of Turkish First Blood, but with my city flavor) or El señor Roca, diario de un superheroe (Lord WC, diary of a superhero, a man acquire super powers in a toilet, allowing him to travel through the sewer system). As I warned you, very 80’s style. My creativity restlessness arose in several phases: playing electric guitar, sing in Rock bands or join theatre groups. But what really focused me on the path of movie-making was my first time at Sitges International Film Festival in 1999. Since then, for me is a must-go date. As an actress I worked in theatre, music videos, TV, comercials and about thirty short films. In 2015 I hop on feature films with Soledad descalza by Juan Carlos Martínez (main character), Lejos del mar by Imanol Uribe and Las aventuras de Moriana by David Perea. I have trained with teachers such as Fernando Piernas, Andrés Lima, Manuel Morón or John Strasberg. I studied filmmaking at Instituto del Cine de Madrid, where I directed El clavo. Few months later, I wrote, directed and produced Carmín (Notodofilmfest 2016). I also worked as set runner in MAUS by Yayo Herrero, to be featured in the 50 Anniversary of Sitges International Film Festival. In 2017 I wrote, directed and produced Evströnger, under Gerion Films, my production company and at the moment I am student of the Master of Direction at ESCAC (Catalonia College for Cinema).

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