Even the unusual must have limits

August 6, 2020


Blumfeld is used to being alone. But out of nowhere, two visitors arrive in his apartment: bouncing ping-pong balls that start to follow him. He tries to get rid of them and hides them like a stigma from his maid. But another challenge awaits him at the office: the interns are more interested in a broom than in their work. Based on a story by Franz Kafka.

About the author

Tobias Sauer

Tobias Sauer was born in 1991 in the small German town Fulda where he also grew up. He has been studying film at the art school in Kassel since 2012. He has produced several mostly experimental and essayistic short films that have been shown at international festivals, including Festival de Cine de Huesca and IndieLisboa. “Simba in New York” received awards at Lichter Filmfest Frankfurt and La Cabina (Valencia). He is a member of the filmmaker collective “feldt”.

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