Energy 11105

July 4, 2015


Energy 11105 is a non-verbal cinematic portrait of a mysterious place – the boat graveyard located in Staten Island, New York. This is in the one of the largest collections of historical boats in the United States. They all have their own life story, but many of these stories have disappeared with the crew and captains. This short documentary reveals complex layers materials of boats’ constructions. This is part of their unique language, which the film explores visually.

About the author

Uladzimir Taukachou

Uladzimir Taukachou (director/producer/cinematographer/editor/sound designer/colorist)
Uladzimir Taukachou born and raised in the former Soviet Union and immigrated to the US from totalitarian Belarus in his twenties. An accomplished cinematographer specializing in scripted, unscripted, documentary, fiction, short and feature films. He brings his unique vision to his work and problem solving having lived in two opposite systems communism and capitalism.
His cinematography credits include “Beard”, short experimental film. “Vince Giordano – There’s a Future in the Past” feature-length music-rich, intimate portrait of a ferociously dedicated and gifted musician, archivist, and historian, and the 11-piece band that Vince and his partner Carol Hughes keep going against all odds (in production/postproduction). “Plain Jane” (TV series) a reality show that goes beyond outward appearances to give each woman the chance to make her romantic dreams come true as well (released). He recently directed, produced, shot and edited short fiction film “Waiting for a Train”, about a couple struggling with a health challenge. He is working as an assistant director for “I Spend Time with Making: Lucas Samaras” a portrait of Greek-born Lucas Samaras, one of the most important American visual artists working today (production). He got cinematography and aerial photography credits for documentary films about Native Americans in Oklahoma “Building Bridges: Indigenous Media” (production/postproduction). His short film “Rice” premiered as a finalist at City University Film Festival (CUFF 2014). His short films “No Pizza for Sandy”, “Handball Legend Brought Back to Life”, “Forgotten New York – Yellow Submarine” premiered at Coney Island Film Festival (2010, 2013). He is currently involved in couple documentary and fiction projects in different roles including directing, cinematography, aerial photography, editing, color correcting and sound design.

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