July 6, 2019


Ridden by thoughts of death and failing his life, a young man tries out what happens if he assumes that everything was possible … and goes far beyond anything he ever imagined.


About the author

David Aufdembrinke

David Aufdembrinke is a Director and Photographer based in Hamburg, Germany. He has worked as a Multimedia Art Director from a young age and gained extensive experience in Post Production and Interactive Motion Design. He’s always been a visual nerd. Today he spends most of his time directing and shooting. He also likes to cook.

He has created visuals on a variety of media platforms from interactive applications and websites to advertising campaigns, magazine editorials, books, covers, commercials, music videos, and films. He has won awards such as the London International Advertising Award 2007, Golden Award of Montreux 2008, and the ADC Digital Media Craft, Interface/Navigation 2011 and ADC Film Craft / Best Editing Silver 2016.

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