Deep Into The Surface

July 8, 2017


The “Deep into the Surface” short-film, directed by Claudio Esposito and produced by The Piranesi Experience in collaboration with The Architecture Player, investigates the abstract and conceptual dimension that architect Giovanni Vaccarini imparted to the façade system that characterizes the building of the SPG Headquarters in Geneva. A game made of simple rules, whose reiteration produces a complex play of elements to the point that its perception varies with weather and lights. The photography by Fabio Paolucci and the original soundtrack by Populous underline the exploration of these qualities and let the spectator perceive the depth of the surface and its apparent movement.

About the author

Claudio Esposito

Claudio Esposito is an italian architect , writer and director. He is the founder and CEO of The Piranesi Experience, a start-up film company that produces films about art, architecture and design. His work goes through different media (film, publishing, new media) in order to experiment new ways to recount contemporary design and cities.

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