Cover Up

August 8, 2020


The life of Ibrahim, a short tempered conservative Arabic censor, is turned upside down when his colleague Waleed discovers a compromising photo that could ruin his reputation. A race against the clock begins. The photo has to disappear. At all cost.

About the author

Marie-Amélie Steul

Born in Athens in 1986. Growing up in Greece, Germany, Switzerland and France, she spent her childhood absorbing a multitude of different cultural influences. After completing a BA in Applied Foreign Languages in 2007 she went to study film production at the prestigious University of Television and Film Munich. She graduated in 2012 after having produced several short films. Her graduation film DIE LETZTE GRENZE (The Last Border) won several awards and was longlisted for the Best Short Fiction at the Academy Awards 2014. Since graduation she has been working as an assistant director.
“Cover Up” is her directorial debut.


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