City Step Child and The Dump Hill Dreams

July 9, 2016


Unlike the many rag pickers working at this Dump Hill(Land Fill) in Delhi, young Devendra is committed to collect electronic waste discarded from our homes, in an attempt to create machines. Even the carcinogenic gases emitting from this hill have not been able to poison his engineering dreams. This 6min documentary takes us through the breadingwinning yet melancholic hill made out of city waste and its inhabitants living at the margins of health and poverty.

About the author

Pranab Kumar Aich

Pranab is a documentary film maker/photographer focusing on developmental issues. He is also a Recipient of SONY WORLD PHOTOGRAPHY AWARD CANNES-2009 for his photographs on climate change.
He studied photography and visual communication from AJKMCRC, Jamia Millia Islamia,Delhi.
In France, he was trained by some of the LEGENDs in photo-documentary like Marry Allen Mark, Tom Ang, Susan Welchman, Adrian Evens and international agency PANOS PICTURES.
Moreover, he spent 3 years(2005-2007) working on development issues alongside his inspiration Anshu K Gupta(Brand Ambassador of Ashoka Fellow) at Goonj. Working on several developmental issues like re-cycling, education for the under-privileged and alternative education system shaped his understanding of the social sector and the issues of the world.

With a firm belief in raising untouched issues and bringing hidden heroes to the fore he picked up the camera. He has a personal affection for stories on Environment Preservation, Children and Education. Mostly working out of Delhi, now he has worked nation wide in collaboration with 20 NGOs, Govt Bodies, Corporates and other Institutions resulting in more than 15 documentaries, photo exhibitions, photo campaigns and photo stories in last 8 years of work as an independent story teller.

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