July 8, 2016


Cabbage, a herbaceous plant. Peculiar species of the borecole genre, best known for developing a characteristic “head” of fibrous sheets firmly entangled. The vegetables are defined by the slowness of their movement, which is metabolism, through which the water and soil nutrients are incorporated from dark roots through the phenomenon of photosynthesis. By being harvested, a mature plant is prepared for the pinnacle of its existence, and its metabolism is suddenly released in the degenerative process towards rot.

About the author

Alexander Buck

Alexander S. Buck has a degree in media, he is specialized on digital cinema by the Academia Internacional de Cinema of São Paulo. He was the director on the independent film initiative called Onírios Productions, which has produced various short films that collected prizes and recognition on several brazilian and international film festivals. co-founder of Finordia, a brazilian independent filmmaking studio.

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