Blue Calling

August 6, 2021


This is the story of Daniel Bichsel, who takes us to an Italy unknown to most. Marettimo is a protected Mediterranean island off the coast of Sicily where rugged hills meet crystal-clear waters—and that’s where Daniel comes alive. A free diver and underwater explorer, Daniel shows us what he calls an “alien world”, where time stands still, where everything is in the present for the time of the breath out. Free diving means you’re not just a spectator; you’re part of the underwater world, becoming one with the unique flora and fauna of the Mediterranean, from schools of fish to graceful seaweed to colourful coral. But this paradise is under threat, and as an environmentalist and educator, Daniel encourages others to become ambassadors for the underwater world. As he says, every idea has the potential to make an impact. Welcome to Marettimo Island, Daniel’s Wild Place.

About the author

Sarah Ziegler, Janis Klinkenberg

Janis Klinkenberg, well-known for his outstanding cinematic drone shots, is a young filmmaker, director and editor for documentaries and film. When Janis isn’t working at nature conservation projects (e.g. for the UNESCO) in German national parks, he is filming high-end commercials for television and cinema.

Sarah Ziegler is a passionated filmmaker, media editor and eco-activist. She is especially interested in how to reveal the beauty
and diversity of nature through storytelling and breathtaking shots.

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