August 5, 2023


Several people at a given time, are in a situation in which they speak nonsense, only being able to verbalize a disjointed phrase. Society, in the face of ignorance, isolates them to proceed with their study.

About the author

Alejandro San Martín

Alejandro San Martín was born in Madrid in 1974. He is a director, scriptwriter and airline pilot. He has six short films to his credit, which accumulate various selections at festivals and awards such as the Creation International Film Festival in Los Angeles.
He has worked on many other short films, such as a documentary in the directing team. Currently, he is leading a project for a short film “Made in Italy” commissioned by the city of Varenna (Milan) to emphasize the importance of craftsmanship in Italian fashion. At the same time, he is working on the script and the development of the feature film 365 for next year.

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