August 6, 2022


Loïc is alone in the anechoic room. What had he done to find himself in there?
Since when? He only came to the audiology clinic for a little hiss in his ear…

About the author

Maximilien Rolland

Maximilien Rolland has been experimenting as a director for several years through various documentary, fiction and, more recently, music video projects. He stood out for the first time by winning the INIS Emergence award at La Course des Régions in 2013, being the youngest participant in his cohort. After studying at UQAM in cinema and some improvement at INIS, he tried the competition again in 2017 with his film Le Complexe Appara. It’s through those experiments that he developed a fascination for magical realism, science fiction and psychological thriller. He’s now ready to present his most ambitious project, his new short film: Audionomie.

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