As I Love You

July 8, 2017


Dani is a petty criminal who falls for the police to stop after landing a trade.
It was a sight , a moment of unexpected brilliance. And above all new since Dani had never been in love .
From that moment I only keeps alive the hope of seeing Patricia .

About the author

Fernando García-Ruiz Rubio

After a long career in advertising and have produced hundreds of spots , had long and he hovered our heads the idea of embarking on a fiction project . We really wanted to carry out a personal project , in which we could fully enjoy our professional experience and tell a funny story and if possible could last more than 30 seconds … It was a challenge that will definitely motivated a lot and we wanted to do well . To do this we have surrounded a group of fantastic professionals. Novices in the world of fiction as and others with extensive experience in the world of film which we’ve certainly learned a lot. Thanks to the help of all of them, their selfless dedication and passion for work well done has been possible to bring out the project ” as I love you ” . I hope you like it.

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