Alban Wady El-Neel

July 3, 2015


Going through a journey in the streets of the empty city, except from him and his beloved, loaded with unsteady and contradictory feelings towards her, after their relationship had come to an end recently. Despite his belief that their separation is better for both of them, he could not get the idea of her passage before his eyes without even exchanging greetings.He runs in the streets of the empty city, trying to catch her; she on her tricycle and he, after her, on foot. Out of breath, he reaches the milk shop “Alban Wady El-Neel” at the end of his journey, unable to define what feelings he carries for her, any longer.

About the author

Mayye Zayed

An Egyptian film director, DOP, producer and a freelance photographer who was born in Alexandria in 1986. He participated in many photography exhibitions and got many prizes (Google Photography Prize, European Union Prize and Egypt Photo Marathon First Prize). He studied independent filmmaking in the Jesuits filmmaking workshop in Alexandria in 2009/2010. He started working in films as a cameraman and an AD in Ibrahim El Batout’s feature “Hawi” in 2010. He made his first short “Alban Wady El-­Neel” in 2013 that has won many awards like the Bibliotheca Alexandrina’s Plaza grant for short films in 2012, Best Short Film in the 9th Rencontres de l’image Film Festival in 2013 and Best Short Film in the 18th National Film Festival for the Egyptian Cinema in 2014. In 2013 he also made his first collaborative feature “The Mice Room” with other 5 filmmakers. The film was officially selected in international film festivals like Dubai, Sao Paulo, Tetouan and many others. Together they founded Rufy’s; an independent film production house in Alexandria. In 2014 he produced Ahmed Nabil’s short documentary “17 Fouad Street” that won the Best Short Documentary award in the 10th rencontres de l’image Film Festival in Cairo and the Rafik El Sabban award in the 30th Alexandria Mediterranean Film Festival in 2014. He also produced Maysoon El Massry’s short “El Bostan El Saeed Street” that won “Radwan El Kashef” award in Luxor African Film Festival in 2014. He’s currently working as a producer and a DOP in some feature documentaries that will be finished in 2015.

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