A Moment of Love

August 5, 2020


The true love between Magda and Kalin is not enough to be together.

About the author

Julian Rachev

Born on July 15, 1984 in Ruse, Bulgaria, Julian Rachev is a director, writer, editor and actor. He studied acting in theatre college “Luben Grois” 2005 – 2008. He has more than 20 roles as an actor in theatre, television and cinema. In 2018 he graduated from the National Academy of Theatre and Film Arts, NATFA (television & film directing). He has around 40 shows as a director on the most watched tv show on Saturday night in Bulgarian air – “The Show Of The Channel”. He was director of 25 fiction and documentary short films and 7 music videos. Editor of more than 50 documentary short films. Creator of over 100 videos and commercials.

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