A Lifestory

July 3, 2015


A little cat that lives on a dying planet has to start a long journey. On this voyage he will face dangers and adventures, but will ultimately return home. This is a metaphor about life as a circle that began when we were just children at home. Based freely on the 2nd century poem ‘The hymn of the pearl’.

About the author

Nacho Rodríguez

Nacho Rodríguez works as a 2D animator since 2002. He has directed shorts for internet, advertisements and videogames. He spent a year and a half in France working as animation director for the game Ozen by Ubisoft. He has directed 6 official music videos as a freelance animator, 4 of them in collaboration with illustrator Gina Thorstensen. His ‘Mr Coo’ and ‘A paedophile’ animations as well as Gotye’s music video ‘Giving me a chance’ have been widely acclaimed online and awarded in international festivals.

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