8.1 Degrees of Guilt

July 11, 2018


Imagine being born from a “sterile” woman and being treated as a miracle baby. Imagine experiencing the most devastating earthquake in Mexican history and being cursed as a kid by a collective trauma that turned every single opportunity in life into a deep sense of guilt.
8.1 Degrees of Guilt refers to the seismic intensity that shook Mexico City in 1985, leaving over 40,000 victims, causing extreme devastation and yet changing my life forever.
Although my relationship to this natural disaster is collateral, it changed drastically the way my parents raised me. Their unconditional love triggered a survival mechanism that became their ultimate sacrifice: my exile and emotional detachment.
In my journey back home, I’ll unveil to my parents the sense of guilt and fear of their death I’ve been carrying for 32 years.

About the author

Gibran Ramos II

Gibran Ramos is a Mexican-Canadian filmmaker based in London. Recently graduated from a MA degree in Documentary filmmaking at Goldsmiths University, he has collaborated with award winning directors Danny Boyle, Nick Knight and multidisciplinary artist Tupac Martir. He’s currently working as the archive director for the upcoming Frida Kahlo’s exhibition at the V&A museum in London (2018) and developing projects in virtual and augmented reality to fulfil his passion for cutting-edge technologies and innovative storytelling.

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