The Philatelist

July 5, 2015


Hugo lives alone in his own world where symmetry and tidiness reign. One day, his most favourite stamp with an Indian rickshaw motive decides to get blown out of the window. Leaving his room becomes inevitable.

About the author

Jan-Gerrit Seyler

Jan-Gerrit Seyler (*1979), committed to visual as well as performing arts since childhood. He has taken part in a whole number of short film projects in Schleswig-Holstein, Hamburg (GER) and Denmark within the last six years, including camera and directing work, sound, editing, lighting technician, assistant director, production manager and actor. With “Handycap” he made his first short film in 2007/08 as writer and director. In 2008/09 he studied film at the European Film College (DEN), where he graduated with his final project “Camille”. 2010 to 2012 postgraduate film studies in directing at the Hamburg Media School (GER).

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