Love Refrain

July 2, 2015


A homeless wanderer in the dump where he lives and meets a working radio. They begin a love story that runs through all the stages of a couple’s relationship. In a sentimental parody , the film aims to analyze the simple structure that underlies human emotions.

About the author

Silvia Capitta

Silvia Capitta, born in Sassari, Sardinia, in 1988, is an animator and video editor. After attending a workshop at the New York Film Academy, she graduated in 2009 in video editing at the Accademia Griffith in Rome, and later attended Stefano Argentero’s clay animation studio. She worked as an editor and assistant editor, so she started studying animation and realized some short films. In 2010 she entered Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia in Turin, here she graduated in animation by presenting the film “Love Refrain”. She works at first as 3d animator at Square MTC in Milan to move to Parma to work at Tax Free Films studio.

Alessandra Atzori was born in 1984, in Oristano, Italy.
In 2006 she earned a B.A. degree in “Arti e Scienza dello Spettacolo”, from University of Rome “Sapienza” with a thesis about experimental animation cinema.
In 2012 she graduated from “Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia” of Turin with the animated short film “Love Refrain”. At present she is working as animator stop motion and 3D on a tv series, directed by Fusako Yusaki.

Francesca de Bassa was born in Modena in 1985. After scientific studies she graduates in Literature and Philosophy at the University of Bologna. She specializes in Contemporary Art History with a thesis about the philosophy of Tactilism in Jan Svankmajer. She works at the San Salvatore gallery of Modena and gets passionate with experimental animation. After attending the degree of curatorship at IUAV in Venice, she is taken at the Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia in Turin where she graduates in 2013 with the film “Love Refrain”. She works at first at Cartoon Network in London to move to Zurich to work as motion designer for a graphic studio. She will then move back to London to work at the BOFC studio as animator. She continues to work between UK and Switzerland as director and animator for music video and short authorial films.

Ludovica Di Benedetto, was born in Naples in 1987. After high school she moved to Turin attending the Academy of Fine Arts – School of Visual, Performing and Graphic Arts.
She graduated with first class honours presenting a thesis on “the reality of a fantastic world – Porco Rosso by HayaoMiyazaki ”. A deep passion for the Animation Movies pushed her to attend the Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia in Turin where she graduated in 2013 presenting the movie “Love Refrain”. She started to work as a freelancer, creating and developing concepts and coordinated themes for several international companies, commercials , music and scientific videos.
She attended a professional course in 3D Character Animation at “The Animation Workshop” in Denmark completed in July 2014 with a final project entitled “Wind”.

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