Awarded films for 2023

The team of the Quarantine Film Festival awarded the following films:

All awards are equal and they have no financial equivalent.

Censor of Dreams

Dir. Leo Berne and Raphaël Rodriguez

Night after night, The Censor and his team mould Yoko’s memories into fantastical dreams. Tonight nothing happens as planned.

Due North

Dir. Chantal Caron

A dance film about life, embodiment of the wild.


Dir. Dimana Pastrakova

In his early years Alexander suffers from an obsessive compulsive disorder, originating from a problematic family environment in which he grows up. As the days go by his condition is seemingly better, until his father dies in an accident. This catastrophic event unlocks even stronger obsessions and fears. We dive into the inside world of a boy. A puzzle of rules and fears that intertwine in both the past and the present. Oddballs often turn into problematic people, whereas the problematic turn out to be just oddballs.

Audience Award – Fracture

Dir. Dimana Pastrakova