Awarded films for 2022

Live in Cloud-Cuckoo Land – Vietnam
Film by Pham Hoang Minh Thy & Vu Minh Nghia

“May nhu’ng khong mu’a is a modern tale of Kafka in Vietnam-a country in the middle of a transformation. The film feels like a piece of cultural news with daily events: a wedding, traffic congestion, a robbery, a mystical metamorphosis and a love story.”

“Love, Dad” (Czechia & Slovakia)
Film by Diana Cam Van Nguyen

“A short film about ties and gaps between a child and a parent. The author rediscovers letters her dad used to write her from prison. That love seems to be gone now. She decides to write back in hope to find the connection again. She puts in writing what could not be said: blaming him for the family break-up, but also trying to understand.”

“Inside” (France)
Film by Yann Chapotel

“Inside unrolls a mosaic of windows, those of the building I regularly filmed from my own window. Along this border where the interior opens onto the exterior, a multitude of moments of everyday life overlap and respond to each other, forming a choreographic frеsco of simple gestures.”